At CRUSADE Logistics, we know that a comprehensive health and safety plan not only helps our Drivers stay safe, but also supports our client’s business. That is why we have invested heavily in a world-class and advanced Management safety plan, the most technologically advanced equipment available and quality support infrastructures.

There is nothing in the petroleum logistics industry that is more important than a comprehensive and effective approach to health and safety. At CRUSADE Logistics, we know that not only does a well-thought out and live health and safety plan keep our workforce prepared for the unique challenges of fuel distribution, but also ensures that our clients have peace of mind, on-time, and in-full deliveries.

Customer and staff wellbeing is our passion and our Company’s impressive and sustained performance in this regard is a testament to our continued commitment, we have put in the time and effort to create a comprehensive and holistic Company-wide approach to health and safety, which includes the following:


As a professional petroleum logistics Company, we know that most our assets will be traveling across the country at any given moment, it is with this in mind that the Company has aligned itself with global petroleum standards and best practices extracted from the 5-major multinational oil industry companies. In doing so we can better provide the world a class service while making sure that we only make use the most technologically advanced safety features available in the industry to support our vision.


To ensure that our fleet and Drivers are always prepared for the risks of a journey, we conduct vigorous in- depth briefing sessions on a one to one basis with our Drives, supplemented with a physical and electronic journey plan of the route. This means that our Drivers are informed about road conditions and other factors on their route and that they have the operational support and technology in place to mitigate any risks.


We understand that we have a responsibility to ensure that each and every trip undertaken must follow the approved briefing instruction and prescribed journey plan. To ensure that we are able to see to that responsibility, we have invested in a state of the art Customer Care Centre or CSC that not only monitors the fleet 24/7 but also updates our customers every hour on the progress of their loads, as well as communicating any unplanned delays. Each trip is accompanied with a Customer Survey Scorecard (CSS) whereby our customers rate our overall performance per delivery. The CSS covers key categories that impact on our customers business and is designed for the sole purpose of continuous improvement.


To further support our safety capabilities, each truck and tanker combination is fitted with Satellite tracking, DriveCam, roll over protection, tachographs, Mercedes Benz FleetBoard and the last 7 combinations are also fitted with Mercedes Benz Brake Assist, this in addition to complying with all other stringent oil industry specifications. It means that we can effectively monitor our fleet real time, and that our Drivers can rely on the most advance technological systems designed to keep them and the public safe on our roads.


Our fleet and Company performance is only as good as our PrDP-P Drivers, whom we regard as our ambassadors out in the field. It is why our business holds them in high regard and ensures that each and every Driver successfully undergoes our rigorous recruitment process which includes, license endorsement and criminal checks, employment verification checks, theoretical and practical training before being welcomed into the CRUSADE Family. Our in-depth training courses are aligned and approved by the major multinational oil companies’ global standards and cover key areas such as Dangerous Goods, Fire Fighting, first aid, Defensive Driving skills, Safe work procedures relating to petroleum distribution and customer service.

Once training is completed, each Driver embarks on a CRUSADE orientation program whereby our Company culture, policies, processes, and procedures are shared with the new family member, we also ensure that each new Driver signs a declaration, personally committing to the Shell 12 Life Saving Rules as well as the Chevron Stop Work Responsibility.

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